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When I’m not rolling up my sleeves to help clients, you can catch me on podcasts, media interviews, speaking at conventions, and so much more.


Trends in Healthcare Private Equity

Commercial Real State Secrets Podcast

In this podcast, Ellie Naderi shares what it's like being Iranian American during the human rights crisis that's happening in Iran right now. In addition, Ellie explains how to set up a DSO for the highest valuation from a private equity perspective.

Beyond the Prophy Podcast

The key takeaway from this interview: you are credible and you must believe in yourself, have confidence, and take risks. I emphasize that you can develop the business acumen you need over time to fulfill your goals. Take a listen to learn how this has helped me in my professional journey and why it has brought career satisfaction throughout my 27 years in the dental space.

Patient Prism Interview

Oversaw with Patient Prism’s CEO, Amol Nirgudkar, at the March 2022 inaugural meeting of Women in DSOs (WinDSO). Together, we chat about my unique experiencing moving throughout the dental industry and beyond.

Special Guest on The Doctors

I had the pleasure to join “The Doctors” as a special guest in 2017. Throughout my time on the air, I shed light on clinical malpractice taking place at a pediatric practice. Educating the public on things to be aware of during a dental visit and stressing the importance of thorough health procedures was an honor and a privilege. Check out the clip to watch the full interview.



SALT Dental Collective

As a Startup Dental Service Organization, I was responsible for building out and overseeing all departments including Finance, IT, HR, Practice Operations, and Compliance to provide support to Pediatric and Orthodontic dental practices. In addition, I implemented policy and procedure developments, leading to operational excellence. I guided SALT through multiple acquisitions and mergers, growing the practice count from 4 to 20 locations within 1 year. Overall, SALT obtained a positive impact on profitability through effective merger strategies and gained synergies.


I oversaw all departments including Finance, IT, HR, Marketing, Practice Operations, Insurance Plan Operation, Billing/Collection, Case Management, Provider Relations, Customer Service, and Learning & Development. This provided support to 61 dental practices, 1 Ambulatory Surgery Center, and 2 mobile units in two states. My duties included policy and procedure development implementation, which led to operational excellence. I led multiple acquisitions and mergers, growing the practice count from 43 to 61 locations within 1 year. In addition, I obtained a positive impact on profitability through effective merger strategies and gained synergies. This resulted in significant growth in same-store EBIDTA margins during the first year of operation.

DentalOne Partners

As the company spokesperson and PR officer, my duties included managing 2 Regional Hygiene Directors and 300 dental hygienists, which led DentalOne to achieve significant growth year over year. I was responsible for creating SOPs and implementing clinical guidelines, including the launch of several clinical initiatives that drove quality and patient care revenue. I provided support for all initiatives with patient collateral, as well as marketing support. During my time at DentalOne, I also designed a compensation structure to drive sound clinical behavior and reduce payroll to production.

Published White Paper on DSO Culture of Transparency and Importance of IT Integration

DSO Technology Playbook: A Bottom-Up Approach to IT Investing

Emittr's 40 Women Leaders in the Field of Dentistry

I'm honored to be named one of the top 40 Women Leaders in Dentistry alongside so many other talented and inspiring ladies in the industry. Thank you Emirtrr!

What Industry Leaders Are Saying

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I thought I knew the meaning of hard work and dedication until I found myself working next to Ellie. Enthusiastic, dedicated, patient-focused, loyal. All of these things describe Ellie but she is, indeed, so much more. A well-rounded leader, executive, coach, clinician, teacher, and student. She is an HR person's dream client and I am a better executive and person for having met and worked with her.

Michael James

Vice President of Human Resources at Spectra360 & Raso Solutions

Ellie is truly a gem: Dedicated to the job as if it were her own business. Expert knowledge in all aspects of the industry. Inspirational leader who motivates all around her to be their best. An ethical business woman beyond reproach. She does all this with a smile that lights up the room. All who are fortunate enough to work with her looks forward to the next meeting with Ellie. I have been one of the fortunate ones.

Ken Nussen

Dental Consultant

It has been my great pleasure to work with Ellie at two different organizations. Never have I had a leader as accomplished, capable, caring, charismatic, and self-aware as she. Ellie has an incredible mind for strategy, is a very ethical leader, extremely strong communicator, and takes great pride in developing others. Quite simply, Ellie is the model of an Executive Leader!

Tim Brannigan

Chief Information Officer at SALT Dental Collective

Ellie is an absolute pleasure to work with. She has a unique blend of intelligence, hard work, and passion coupled with strong executional acumen. She is a true asset for any project and/or company.

Nichole Garcia

President, OrthoFX.

Over the last year working with Ellie I’ve learned she is authentic and trustworthy. She’s compassionate and kind with the right amount of assertiveness required to get the job done. As DSO owners it’s valuable to find people that have Specific Knowledge combined with Real World Experience to help you streamline your growth…Ellie definitely checks off both of these boxes. I’ve learned something practically applicable in each of our encounters…she’s also a great connector and opens up her network of industry experts to you.

Dr. Justin Bhullar

Co-CEO Dr C Dental Partners, Author of High Performance Practice: Management, Marketing and Leadership, Dental Consultant.

I have had the privilege to work with Ellie Naderi on a few occasions, and she continues to impress me more and more at each event. My favorite things about Ellie are her passion and work ethic, a true go-getter with a motor that never stops. Her knowledge and experience in the industry give her a unique perspective that always has her a step ahead. Ellie has assisted our new company and put us on a fast track to helping organizations create custom staff training solutions to meet each team's specific needs. If you can find a way to align and get on the same team as Ellie Naderi, you will have a greater chance of accomplishing your goals. She is results-driven and will always put you in the best position to win. I am genuinely grateful for what she has done for us.

Kyle Rodriguez

VP of Business Development, DentLogics

Ellie's awesome. Specifically, her questions force precision into our strategic plan for our C-suite by refining our organization strategy, alignment and design, thus minimizing wasted resource allocation

Josh Cochran

DMD, Founder/CEO, Dr. C Dental Partners

Ellie has a proven track record of inspiring teams to deliver performance excellence, turning around struggling business units as a result. I highly recommend Ellie for any leadership position in the DSO industry.

Thomas Marler

President & Chief Executive Officer at Sage Dental

Ellie is knowledgeable, a master orator and has an absolute great ear for music. I had the pleasure of working with and for Ellie over a decade and consider her one of the best leaders, innovators and a true mentor; Ellie is someone I trust and look to for guidance as well as advice. Ellie's integrity, work ethic, intelligence and overall presence helps her make a positive impact wherever she lands. It is an honor to know Ellie and I will be working with her again in the future.

Edgar Lucero

Director, Dental Hygiene Services - DentaQuest Care Group at Dentaquest

I had the opportunity to work intimately with Ellie at DentalOne Partners as peer on our senior leadership team. There are very few people that you can genuinely count on to get the job done, and get the job done right. In any partnership between our teams, I found Ellie to be a strong strategic and tactical leader. She could clearly articulate the objective and had already done her homework on the integration points, prepared her team, and posited solutions to obvious challenges. She knows her field and knows how to deliver results. Period.

Jonathan Kaufman

Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer at Sage Dental

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