Dental Solutions
by Ellie Naderi

Hi, I’m Ellie.

Everyone has their “thing” that they’re passionate about, and for as long as I can remember, mine has been about exploring the ins and outs of all things dental.

Over the past 27 years, I've intentionally learned both the clinical side and the business operations side of the dental field. I’ve been a dental assistant, office manager, hygienist, leader at a pharmaceutical company, and have held multiple Senior VP and CEO positions with DSOs.

With my bottoms-up lens and sensitivity to how changes impact patient care, I can provide you with strategic guidance and resources that foster patient-centered environments, killer team cultures, and long-term growth.

From the operatory to the C suite, I’ve been in your team’s shoes and have what it takes to help your company thrive from the ground up. Ready to roll up your sleeves and start finding solutions? Get in touch to get the ball rolling.

How I Can Help

Whether you’re looking to scale your DSO, enter the dental space, or create a culture that leaves patients and team members raving, I’ve got the expertise to help you achieve your goals. As partners, we’ll pinpoint opportunities for growth and bridge the gap between your unique issues and those working to solve those needs.

I Partner With…

While I work mainly with investors and CEOs, I also provide strategic guidance and resources to private equity firms, vendors, and technology partners. Together, we’ll create a unified vision so everybody onboard can paddle in the same direction for long-term success.

See Real Results

Helping organizations grow and thrive for the long run is my passion. I’ve provided expertise to a variety of DSOs and brands that have leveraged my guidance to deliver tangible results. Check out the reviews and see what’s possible.

"Ellie has a proven track record of inspiring teams to deliver performance excellence, turning around struggling business units as a result. I highly recommend Ellie for any leadership position in the DSO industry."

Thomas M., President & Chief Executive Officer at Sage Dental

Who is the right client for Ellie’s services?

  • Any Investor in the DSO space

  • Private Equity

  • Family Funds

  • Traditional lenders

  • Emerging DSOs and other dental specific startup companies

  • Vendor partners geared to serve the dental industry‍

How can Ellie help vendor partners grow their footprint in the DSO space?

Ellie takes pride in selecting vendor partners in who she feels can truly have profound industry impact. Once the vetting and selection process takes Ellie will support the vendor partners in ensuring they are delivering on the needs of their customers.

How can Ellie help vendor partners’ strategy for a successful product delivery and launch?

After spending 27 years in the dental field, Ellie is all too familiar with the pain points that exist in the space giving her the ability to advise vendor partners on how to tailor their product and furthermore their communication to reach the DSO leaders on a deeper level. 

What make Ellie’s skillsets so unique? 

My whole life has been spent intentionally learning the ins and outs of the dental industry, from the clinical setting to business operations side. My desire to learn and grow has led me to become a dental assistant, office manager, hygienist, and leader at a pharmaceutical company. Recently, I have held multiple Senior VP and CEO positions with DSOs, helping practices nationwide grow and thrive.

My rich history of experience comes with a thorough understanding and sensitivity on how operational changes can significantly impact patient care. With my knowledge and expertise, I can provide strategic guidance and resources that cultivate long-term growth, awesome cultures, and happy patients.

scale • grow • Lead

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