Looking to build a DSO, turn around a struggling asset, revamp your management structure, or improve your company culture? I'll help you tackle these challenges so that your organization can thrive like never before.

Expertise for Any Industry

Board Advising

No matter your organizations goals, I can provide tailored solutions to help your board "get on board". With my bottom-up lens in the dental space, I can provide strategic oversight, guidance, and expertise.

Private Equity & investors

If you’re a private equity firm or investor interested in entering the DSO market, I’m here to help. With over 20 years of experience managing practices and DSOs, I’ll provide support in the integration of practice platforms in your merger and acquisition.


As an out-of-the-box thinker and problem solver, I pride myself on having the type of leadership style and coaching approach that wins over teams and opens the doors to success. Let’s work together to help your DSO realize its full potential.

Culture Coaching

Cultivating cultures that leave patients and teams raving is one of my favorite areas of expertise! Together, we'll help your team get on board with your practice vision while investing in their skill development to promote organizational growth.

vendor & technology partners

Having industry insight, I can assist vendor and technology partners target and successfully solve the different pain points that exist within DSOs. I can also provide product feedback and assist with your go-to market strategy.

Who is the right client for Ellie’s services?

  • Any Investor in the DSO space

  • Private Equity

  • Family Funds

  • Traditional lenders

  • DSO

  • Emerging DSOs and other dental specific startup companies

  • Vendor partners geared to serve the dental industry‍

How can Ellie help vendor partners grow their footprint in the DSO space?

Ellie takes pride in selecting vendor partners in who she feels can truly have profound industry impact. Once the vetting and selection process takes Ellie will support the vendor partners in ensuring they are delivering on the needs of their customers.

How can Ellie help vendor partners’ strategy for a successful product delivery and launch?

After spending 27 years in the dental field, Ellie is all too familiar with the pain points that exist in the space giving her the ability to advise vendor partners on how to tailor their product and furthermore their communication to reach the DSO leaders on a deeper level. 

What make Ellie’s skillsets so unique? 

My whole life has been spent intentionally learning the ins and outs of the dental industry, from the clinical setting to business operations side. My desire to learn and grow has led me to become a dental assistant, office manager, hygienist, and leader at a pharmaceutical company. Recently, I have held multiple Senior VP and CEO positions with DSOs, helping practices nationwide grow and thrive.

My rich history of experience comes with a thorough understanding and sensitivity on how operational changes can significantly impact patient care. With my knowledge and expertise, I can provide strategic guidance and resources that cultivate long-term growth, awesome cultures, and happy patients.

What Industry Leaders Are Saying

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Position, Company name

I thought I knew the meaning of hard work and dedication until I found myself working next to Ellie. Enthusiastic, dedicated, patient-focused, loyal. All of these things describe Ellie but she is, indeed, so much more. A well-rounded leader, executive, coach, clinician, teacher, and student. She is an HR person's dream client and I am a better executive and person for having met and worked with her.

Michael James

Vice President of Human Resources at Spectra360 & Raso Solutions

Ellie is truly a gem: Dedicated to the job as if it were her own business. Expert knowledge in all aspects of the industry. Inspirational leader who motivates all around her to be their best. An ethical business woman beyond reproach. She does all this with a smile that lights up the room. All who are fortunate enough to work with her looks forward to the next meeting with Ellie. I have been one of the fortunate ones.

Ken Nussen

Dental Consultant

It has been my great pleasure to work with Ellie at two different organizations. Never have I had a leader as accomplished, capable, caring, charismatic, and self-aware as she. Ellie has an incredible mind for strategy, is a very ethical leader, extremely strong communicator, and takes great pride in developing others. Quite simply, Ellie is the model of an Executive Leader!

Tim Brannigan

Chief Information Officer at SALT Dental Collective

Ellie has a proven track record of inspiring teams to deliver performance excellence, turning around struggling business units as a result. I highly recommend Ellie for any leadership position in the DSO industry.

Thomas Marler

President & Chief Executive Officer at Sage Dental

Ellie is knowledgeable, a master orator and has an absolute great ear for music. I had the pleasure of working with and for Ellie over a decade and consider her one of the best leaders, innovators and a true mentor; Ellie is someone I trust and look to for guidance as well as advice. Ellie's integrity, work ethic, intelligence and overall presence helps her make a positive impact wherever she lands. It is an honor to know Ellie and I will be working with her again in the future.

Edgar Lucero

Director, Dental Hygiene Services - DentaQuest Care Group at Dentaquest

I had the opportunity to work intimately with Ellie at DentalOne Partners as peer on our senior leadership team. There are very few people that you can genuinely count on to get the job done, and get the job done right. In any partnership between our teams, I found Ellie to be a strong strategic and tactical leader. She could clearly articulate the objective and had already done her homework on the integration points, prepared her team, and posited solutions to obvious challenges. She knows her field and knows how to deliver results. Period.

Jonathan Kaufman

Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer at Sage Dental

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